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– Matt Esposito and the other awesome writers
Lonzo Ball loves to push the ball off of live rebounds, finishing in the 89th percentile in frequency (Cleaning the Glass.) Watch as he..
  • Relocates off of misses to prepare for pushing in transition
  • Makes reads before he gets the ball
  • Blurs past defenders with an effective handle
  • Directs teammates away from other cutters
  • Uses a variety of accurate passes to hit teammates in stride/shooting pocket
The Dallas Mavericks often use Kristaps Porzingis like a guard, making the 7-foot-3 big man truly a unicorn. Check out how they…
  • Run him through pin-down screens
  • Use him as a handler on DHOs
  • Set him up for open shots during BLOB plays
Domantas Sabonis is challenging Bam Adebayo as the best passing big in the East. His Pacers ask him to…
  • Facilitate out of the post
  • Pop then find cutters from the perimeter
  • Dish passes out of the short roll
The Chicago Bulls new management needs to unlock Wendell Carter. The big man can…
  • Operate effectively from the short roll
  • Free teammates using lookaways
  • Take advantage of big-to-big passes
  • Hit no-look passes to cutters

The Boston Celtics can switch Jaylen Brown onto forwards or bigs. His length (7-foot wingspan) and strength allow him to…
  • Stand tall and tough (STAT) to block LeBron without fouling
  • Absorb drives, bumps and shoves from Westbrook
  • Bump Horford off of the block
  • Matchup with AD and poke a steal
  • Steal lobs from 7-footers
Luke Kennard gave the Pistons an unexpected boost in facilitating this year and did so by…
  • Attacking closeouts to find open teammates
  • Driving and dishing from dribble handoffs (DHOs)
  • Finding open men when defenders cheat over screens
  • Firing non-dominant, one-handed passes off of pick and rolls
  • Faking jump shots before dumping down
RJ Barrett has a bright future as a pick and roll ballhandler for the New York Knicks. Watch him operate screens and…
  • Use his vision to find teammates across the court
  • Locate open men in the corner
  • Make frequent skip passes
  • Deploy no-looks
San Antonio’s Lonnie Walker is in the 81st percentile for midrange attempts (Cleaning the Glass) but only in the 31st percentile for midrange makes. He needs to become more consistent as a shooter but his ability to create separation reveals star potential. Watch him as he…
  • Hits multiple crossovers to lose plus defender Gordon Hayward
  • Does pump-jab-pullups to gain separation
  • Uses crossover jabs to get to the rim (a Russell Westbrook/Ja Morant special)
  • Jab steps off of the catch to keep defenders off balance
The Phoenix Suns have a future 3&D star in Mikal Bridges. He hits 40 percent of his corner 3s and is in the 94th percentile for at-rim finishing (Cleaning the Glass.) His 3-point shooting needs more consistency but his length alone will keep him in the league. Check out his 7-foot-1 wingspan…
  • Poke the ball away from Kawhi
  • Steal a pass from Jokic
  • Block Middleton on a 3-point attempt (and fadeaway)
  • Reject a turnaround hook from a 7-footer
  • Chase down LeBron
Markelle Fultz, a reclamation project for the Orlando Magic, has put his career back on the right trajectory by deploying his awesome change-of-pace skill set. It is one of the main reasons he is an above average at-rim finisher, so watch as he…
  • Goes from a standstill to blowby by using a killer crossover
  • Decelerates like a disciple of Harden
  • Hesitates to set up defenders
  • Uses eurosteps in transition to get space
At 9.6 per game, The Miami Heat run more DHOs than any other team in the league. Bam Adebayo, one of the game’s best passing bigs, and sharpshooter Duncan Robinson form the deadliest DHO pairing in the NBA. They reach top efficiency by…
  • Using Robinson as a screener first to confuse the defense
  • Then, running DHOs as tight as possible to Bam
  • Or, Robinson will fake the first screen before receiving the DHO
Minnesota bought low on a guard with upside, Malik Beasley. He’s a restricted free agent and the Wolves may want to bring him back for his ability to create his own shot and scorer as a pick and roll ball handler. Check out the way he…
  • Sets up defenders before pulling up from deep
  • Needs only the slightest space to get off a quality look
  • Takes advantages of switches
John Collins has a prototypical shot chart for a modern big. When the Hawks generate early offense for him, his efficiency skyrockets. See some examples of him…
  • Nailing triples when bigs don’t pick him up early
  • Faking screens and sprinting to the rim
  • Exploding off of two feet
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