Zion Williamson’s Gravity Can Launch Lonzo Ball’s Career

By Matt Esposito It’s a shame that those two player’s aren’t on the Rockets because then my astrophysics theme would have been complete. We can still get a little nerdy, however, and discuss Zion’s impact on Lonzo Ball’s game. Lonzo’s 2019-2020 season can be broken down into two segments: Before-Zion (10/22-1/22) and With-Zion (1/22-present.) MoreContinue reading “Zion Williamson’s Gravity Can Launch Lonzo Ball’s Career”

The Playgrounder’s Top 25 Under 25

(Image by Tomek Kordylewski) By Matt Esposito and Zach Wilson You know you’re a media genius when you schedule a “Top 25 Players Under 25” content drop during the most anticipated basketball resumption ever. It’s only a matter of time until Zach and I become moguls. After all, why discuss our current basketball frenzy when youContinue reading “The Playgrounder’s Top 25 Under 25”

2019-20 Rookie Review: Zion Williamson Is Awesome, Can Get Even Awesomer

(image by Tomek Kordylewski) By Nick Faggio Before Zion’s highly anticipated rookie debut, the hype was immense and the critics were loud. The first three quarters of his first gave game critics some red meat to chew on. But when the fourth quarter of Zion’s inaugural game rolled around, he turned into a beast thatContinue reading “2019-20 Rookie Review: Zion Williamson Is Awesome, Can Get Even Awesomer”