A 2019-2020 Chicago Bulls Autopsy

by Matt Esposito The season has ended early for some of our beloved NBA franchises. Here at The Playgrounder we decided to do a postmortem of sorts. Specifically, we wanted to focus on five categories: what the team did well, where they struggled, free agency needs, 2020-21 expectations and a final prediction. What Did TheContinue reading “A 2019-2020 Chicago Bulls Autopsy”

Which Of These Bigs Will Be First To Develop A 3-Point?

By Matt Esposito Whenever discussing promising, young bigs, my default answer is: Jaren Jackson Jr. Yet, JJJ is already challenging Karl-Anthony Towns as the best perimeter spacing center. Regardless, we’ve recently seen bigs develop 3-point shots in an attempt to extend both their careers and talent ceilings. Which center will be the next to doContinue reading “Which Of These Bigs Will Be First To Develop A 3-Point?”