One Compliment to Blow Bubbles Up Every Team’s A**

With the playoffs approaching, putting everyone in a good mood, I decided I should be nice for this piece. Last article, I decided to burst every fanbase’s bubble by sending a roast towards every team. This one is a little different. The complete opposite actually. My intent with this is to rekindle my relationship withContinue reading “One Compliment to Blow Bubbles Up Every Team’s A**”

One Roast to Burst Every Team’s Bubble

Typically, being liked is what everyone is aiming for. People like to see the positives in things, and they label any negatives as areas of improvement to lighten the pessimism behind the critique. Today, I’m changing all of that. I’m here because I want the smoke from every fan of every team. Sure, there areContinue reading “One Roast to Burst Every Team’s Bubble”

Has Donovan Mitchell stagnated?

Donovan Mitchell burst onto the NBA scene as a sprightly 20-year-old rookie with the Utah Jazz. However, his extraordinarily fluid transition from collegiate ranks to the pros was largely unforeseen. Mitchell drew ire from scouts and analysts alike for his irksome tendency to settle for inefficient, archaic mid-range jumpers as a Louisville Cardinal. Also, standingContinue reading “Has Donovan Mitchell stagnated?”