Game Four Preview: How Will Brad Stevens Use Robert Williams?

by Matt Esposito Everyone has a friend they never get mad at. But then one day he or she reveals they are meeting your crush at the local Dairy Queen, and you have your first fight. I caught Brad Stevens ordering a a cookie dough Blizzard last night, and it had two spoons in it.Continue reading “Game Four Preview: How Will Brad Stevens Use Robert Williams?”

Your 2019-2020 All “Be Patient” Team

(Image Credit – Tomek Kordylewski) By Matt Esposito “Love is patient, love is kind.” Yes, I repeat that classic wedding poem whenever I watch Robert Williams play. Surely enough, he makes my All “Be Patient” Team for this season. What is the criteria? Idk fam, you tell me. Essentially, there are a handful of playersContinue reading “Your 2019-2020 All “Be Patient” Team”