Most Valuable Vs. Best Player

By Zach Wilson Ft. Justin Termine & Howard Beck I want you to take 30 seconds to close your eyes, and think about the things in life that matter to you. If someone were to pose the question, “What is the best thing in your life right now?” what would you say? Some of youContinue reading “Most Valuable Vs. Best Player”

Talking Fake Trades Because Basketball Is Fun

By Matt Esposito Sometimes for my own pleasure I type normalize into twitter to stay current with whatever folks are trying to de-stigmatize. My dream though, is to one day live in a world where smart, eyetestian basketball websites also remember that discussing fake trades is flat-out fun. Then it dawned on me: “My siteContinue reading “Talking Fake Trades Because Basketball Is Fun”

A Step Toward Change

(Associated Press pool photo by Kevin C. Cox) By Rob Shaw From what’s been reported, the Milwaukee Bucks’ decision to sit out their first-round playoff game in protest came a little before tip-off. Their opponent, the Orlando Magic, followed suit. This set off a chain reaction throughout the NBA, and all games were postponed on Continue reading “A Step Toward Change”

With the 1st pick The Timberwolves select

By Robert Shaw Last Thursday night was the NBA draft lottery. The Minnesota Timberwolves scored the first overall pick for the first time since 2015 when they drafted Karl-Anthony Towns. In 2020, Towns has developed into an offensive powerhouse who might be the greatest shooting big man of all time. HIS CAREER SHOOTING SPLITS AREContinue reading “With the 1st pick The Timberwolves select”

One Compliment to Blow Bubbles Up Every Team’s A**

With the playoffs approaching, putting everyone in a good mood, I decided I should be nice for this piece. Last article, I decided to burst every fanbase’s bubble by sending a roast towards every team. This one is a little different. The complete opposite actually. My intent with this is to rekindle my relationship withContinue reading “One Compliment to Blow Bubbles Up Every Team’s A**”

One Roast to Burst Every Team’s Bubble

Typically, being liked is what everyone is aiming for. People like to see the positives in things, and they label any negatives as areas of improvement to lighten the pessimism behind the critique. Today, I’m changing all of that. I’m here because I want the smoke from every fan of every team. Sure, there areContinue reading “One Roast to Burst Every Team’s Bubble”

Opinion: You Are Right To Be Skeptical Of Kyrie Irving, The Hypocrite

By Matt Esposito Within the past 24 hours, our favorite NBA reporters have revealed that Kyrie Irving is leading a charge for players to sit out the rest of the season. His concern centers on the NBA returning among one of the most inflamed periods of racial tension in recent American history. About a weekContinue reading “Opinion: You Are Right To Be Skeptical Of Kyrie Irving, The Hypocrite”