NBA Finals Statistical Preview

Featured Image By Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images By Andrew Lawlor So it all comes down to the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James takes on his old team in the bubble. The Heat have made a Cinderella run as the five-seed. There are a lot of narratives to go around. Let’s diveContinue reading “NBA Finals Statistical Preview”

An Ode to Jimmy Butler

In 1912, legend has it that the eight-member band aboard the Titanic kept playing their instruments in an effort to keep passengers calm, despite knowing that the ship was sinking. In 2019, Jimmy Butler saw the Minnesota Timberwolves sinking…and he got the hell out of there. While showing up to your job and berating yourContinue reading “An Ode to Jimmy Butler”

Game Three Focus: How Brad Stevens’ Exploited A Miami Weakness

By Matt Esposito After the Boston Celtics Game Two implosion, you did not have to search far to find shamrock fans sharpening their pitchforks. The mob was out for coach Brad Stevens, mostly for his failure to call a third quarter timeout and some personnel decisions. My own analysis found the players guilty of notContinue reading “Game Three Focus: How Brad Stevens’ Exploited A Miami Weakness”

Quick Defensive Fixes For Boston To Win Game Two

By Matt Esposito One time, just to stay abreast of GOP dogma, I hate-read conservative author George Will’s 600+ page tome on the state of American government. It cost me 9 days, some fine bourbon and part of my hairline. I’d rather do that again than watch Boston stumble their way into blowing 4th quarterContinue reading “Quick Defensive Fixes For Boston To Win Game Two”

The Celtics Must Prepare For These Specific Miami Sets

By Matt Esposito Despite being a renowned, beachfront metropolis brimming with beautiful shades of life, there are Miami-related topics still being under discussed. Will Floridian opportunity zones increase income inequality under the guise of gainful employment for impoverished citizens? Did Will Smith really “party in the city til the break of dawn?” How is CoachContinue reading “The Celtics Must Prepare For These Specific Miami Sets”

Seven Points For the Second Round

We’re officially here, the long-awaited mid-point of the NBA playoffs…well, kind of. At the time of this writing, the series stand as followed: Raptors & Celtics tied 2 – 2 Heat lead Bucks 3 – 0 Rockets lead Lakers 1 – 0 Clippers & Nuggets tied 1 – 1 Some people may ask, “Why didContinue reading “Seven Points For the Second Round”

Guest Post: Nick Andre on Jimmy Butler’s Leadership

For the Miami Heat to be up 2-0 in a playoff series early speaks volumes as to what kind of team they are. Despite their inexperience, this team comes out and competes on a nightly basis no matter who is in front of them. One guy who deserves a lot of credit for the Heat’sContinue reading “Guest Post: Nick Andre on Jimmy Butler’s Leadership”

One Compliment to Blow Bubbles Up Every Team’s A**

With the playoffs approaching, putting everyone in a good mood, I decided I should be nice for this piece. Last article, I decided to burst every fanbase’s bubble by sending a roast towards every team. This one is a little different. The complete opposite actually. My intent with this is to rekindle my relationship withContinue reading “One Compliment to Blow Bubbles Up Every Team’s A**”