Rookie Review, Bubble Watch Edition: Keldon Johnson

By Jesse Cinquini The San Antonio Spurs — sans LaMarcus Aldridge mind you, went 5-3 in Orlando. And while guys like Derrick White, Dejounte Murray, and Rudy Gay deserve recognition for their help in keeping the Spurs afloat in the bubble — Keldon Johnson’s encouraging play might be the team’s most noteworthy storyline. His blendContinue reading “Rookie Review, Bubble Watch Edition: Keldon Johnson”

2019-20 Rookie Review: San Antonio Is Molding Keldon Johnson

(Image by Tomek Kordylewski) By Matt Esposito Whenever you think the Spurs aren’t being too Spursy, trust me, this is when they are likely being their Spursiest. We should have seen the signs coming. Keldon Johnson was ranked as a top 20 prospect by multiple publications and San Antonio was able to nab him with theContinue reading “2019-20 Rookie Review: San Antonio Is Molding Keldon Johnson”