Which Of These Bigs Will Be First To Develop A 3-Point?

By Matt Esposito Whenever discussing promising, young bigs, my default answer is: Jaren Jackson Jr. Yet, JJJ is already challenging Karl-Anthony Towns as the best perimeter spacing center. Regardless, we’ve recently seen bigs develop 3-point shots in an attempt to extend both their careers and talent ceilings. Which center will be the next to doContinue reading “Which Of These Bigs Will Be First To Develop A 3-Point?”

DeAndre Ayton’s Most Underrated Skill

(Image credit: Tomek Kordylewski) By Matt Esposito A driveby scouting report on behemoth DeAndre Ayton suggests that he is an emerging board-snatcher, lob-catcher, and paint patroller. Don’t let his monstrous physical profile fool you, however. The former top overall pick has untapped potential as a facilitator. This claim falls short of revelatory for those whoContinue reading “DeAndre Ayton’s Most Underrated Skill”