NBA Finals Statistical Preview

Featured Image By Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images By Andrew Lawlor So it all comes down to the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James takes on his old team in the bubble. The Heat have made a Cinderella run as the five-seed. There are a lot of narratives to go around. Let’s diveContinue reading “NBA Finals Statistical Preview”

Seven Points For the Second Round

We’re officially here, the long-awaited mid-point of the NBA playoffs…well, kind of. At the time of this writing, the series stand as followed: Raptors & Celtics tied 2 – 2 Heat lead Bucks 3 – 0 Rockets lead Lakers 1 – 0 Clippers & Nuggets tied 1 – 1 Some people may ask, “Why didContinue reading “Seven Points For the Second Round”

Game Two Focus: Is There A Quick Fix For Los Angeles?

by Matt Esposito I think so? Traditionally, blogs that start with such uncertainty don’t bode well for the writer, but here I stand. Friday night’s series opener revealed the Laker’s game plan for defending James Harden. Although it didn’t quite work, there were elements that could potentially lead to success. Harden’s propensity to attempt hisContinue reading “Game Two Focus: Is There A Quick Fix For Los Angeles?”

The Thunder Couldn’t Hurt the Rockets Inside But the Lakers Can

By Andrew Lawlor Last night, the Rockets beat the Lakers 112–97 in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, behind 36 points from James Harden, 24 from Russell Westbrook, and 23 from Eric Gordon. Much was made of the stylistic differences between the teams: Houston plays small, while the Lakers are big. But the LakersContinue reading “The Thunder Couldn’t Hurt the Rockets Inside But the Lakers Can”