Playoff Rondo is Rising

Lakers fans have had a stressful time with Rajon Rondo. During any given Rondo minutes this past season, there was a 100% chance you could find a tweet from a fan wanting Rondo out of the game. In fact, fans often wanted Alex Caruso to get more minutes instead because he was improving and impactedContinue reading “Playoff Rondo is Rising”

Game Three Focus: How Brad Stevens’ Exploited A Miami Weakness

By Matt Esposito After the Boston Celtics Game Two implosion, you did not have to search far to find shamrock fans sharpening their pitchforks. The mob was out for coach Brad Stevens, mostly for his failure to call a third quarter timeout and some personnel decisions. My own analysis found the players guilty of notContinue reading “Game Three Focus: How Brad Stevens’ Exploited A Miami Weakness”

Film Review: Why Jaylen Brown Was Upset After Game Two

by Matt Esposito When I was 19, my podiatrist botched an attempt to remove an in-grown toenail. Pain ensued. Games One and Two of the Eastern Conference Finals have felt a little something like that. Apparently, fans were not the only ones who were frustrated. Once more, Boston found themselves surrendering a sizable lead duringContinue reading “Film Review: Why Jaylen Brown Was Upset After Game Two”

Quick Defensive Fixes For Boston To Win Game Two

By Matt Esposito One time, just to stay abreast of GOP dogma, I hate-read conservative author George Will’s 600+ page tome on the state of American government. It cost me 9 days, some fine bourbon and part of my hairline. I’d rather do that again than watch Boston stumble their way into blowing 4th quarterContinue reading “Quick Defensive Fixes For Boston To Win Game Two”

The Celtics Must Prepare For These Specific Miami Sets

By Matt Esposito Despite being a renowned, beachfront metropolis brimming with beautiful shades of life, there are Miami-related topics still being under discussed. Will Floridian opportunity zones increase income inequality under the guise of gainful employment for impoverished citizens? Did Will Smith really “party in the city til the break of dawn?” How is CoachContinue reading “The Celtics Must Prepare For These Specific Miami Sets”

Film Review: How Los Angeles Drastically Lowered James Harden’s Shot Attempts

By Matt Esposito Coming into the series, James Harden was known for being a high volume shooter. Not only did he routinely throw up north of a dozen triples per game, but he found efficiency by getting to the line. Yet, the former MVP is criticized (and rightly so) for being largely ineffective once theContinue reading “Film Review: How Los Angeles Drastically Lowered James Harden’s Shot Attempts”

Data Scouting the Draft for 3-and-D Wings

By Andrew Lawlor A good introductory step to scouting the NBA Draft is to use data to filter players down to who can play a projected role. This helps give an idea of who each player is, stylistically. Let’s take a look at which draft-eligible players meet criteria to play as three-and-D wings, one ofContinue reading “Data Scouting the Draft for 3-and-D Wings”

Bubble Players Who Can Build On Their Breakout

By Nick Faggio The prolific scoring inside the NBA bubble has headlined much of the league’s restart. What has not been headlined as much? The under-the-radar players quietly raising their stock. Many lesser-known players around the league have increased their value inside the bubble—let’s explore some of those guys. Gary Trent Jr., G, Portland TrailContinue reading “Bubble Players Who Can Build On Their Breakout”

Film Review: How LeBron James Is Defending The Rim Against Houston

By Matt Esposito It would be easy to cite LeBron James average of 2.7 blocks per game during the Houston series as evidence of his shot blocking prowess. Too easy. I could also state that he had as many blocks last night (4) as Anthony Davis has had the entire series. But to suggest thatContinue reading “Film Review: How LeBron James Is Defending The Rim Against Houston”