Checking in on the Hawks’ Next Chapter

The 2017–18 season was something of a transition year for the Atlanta Hawks. Mike Budenholzer was the coach of that 24-win team. Dennis Schroder, Taurean Prince, and Kent Bazemore led the scoring charge for the Hawks. Not sure if I’ve ever been more jealous of a season ticket holder—imagine how cheap they must have been!Continue reading “Checking in on the Hawks’ Next Chapter”

Checking in on the Clippers’ Emergency Reload

The Los Angeles Clippers had themselves a successful regular season. They won 49 games and finished second in the West, and looked primed for a postseason battle with the Lakers. Instead, they ended up (embarrassingly) blowing a 3–1 lead, to the Denver Nuggets in the second round. It ruined the opportunity to finally see bothContinue reading “Checking in on the Clippers’ Emergency Reload”

Checking in on the Magic’s Length Experiment

Featured Image By Kim Klement / Getty Images By Andrew Lawlor I love when a team zigs when the rest of the league zags. Stylistic differences are good for the league; it is better when not every game looks the same. With that in mind, what Jeff Weltman has been building with the Orlando MagicContinue reading “Checking in on the Magic’s Length Experiment”

Checking in on the Wizards’ Forgotten Dynamic Duo

Featured Image By Brett Davis / USA TODAY Sports By Andrew Lawlor In this era of big twos, the Washington Wizards are often forgotten. It is easy to see why: John Wall has been hurt or ineffective for much of the last three seasons and Bradley Beal, while great last year offensively, was a zeroContinue reading “Checking in on the Wizards’ Forgotten Dynamic Duo”

Checking In on the Heat’s Burning Offseason

On July 6, 2019, Jimmy Butler was traded to the Miami Heat. A little more than a year later, he brought them within two wins of an NBA championship. Butler’s arrival gave the Heat a swagger they were missing and changed the entire dynamic of the franchise. Talk about Butler usually ends up circling backContinue reading “Checking In on the Heat’s Burning Offseason”

Checking in on the Bucks’ Existential Crisis

Featured Image By Christian Petersen / Getty Images By Andrew Lawlor Nothing gold can stay. Just two seasons ago, the Milwaukee Bucks were the darlings of the NBA, a small-market team with a young, likable superstar that captured the hearts of neutral fans, along with the East’s top seed. But now, it looks like dawnContinue reading “Checking in on the Bucks’ Existential Crisis”

Checking in on the Bulls’ Plodding Rebuild

Featured Image By Dylan Buell / Getty Images By Andrew Lawlor On draft night in 2017, the Chicago Bulls traded Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and the pick that would become Lauri Markkanen, kick-starting a rebuild for a squad that had made the playoffs as the eighth seed theContinue reading “Checking in on the Bulls’ Plodding Rebuild”

Checking in on the Detroit Pistons’ New Regime

By Andrew Lawlor It is a new day in Detroit. After years of mediocre front offices making misguided moves, the Pistons have a new general manager in Troy Weaver, who comes over from the Oklahoma City Thunder with a good reputation around the league. Weaver had been with the Thunder since 2008, and was partContinue reading “Checking in on the Detroit Pistons’ New Regime”