Data Scouting the Draft for 3-and-D Wings

By Andrew Lawlor A good introductory step to scouting the NBA Draft is to use data to filter players down to who can play a projected role. This helps give an idea of who each player is, stylistically. Let’s take a look at which draft-eligible players meet criteria to play as three-and-D wings, one ofContinue reading “Data Scouting the Draft for 3-and-D Wings”

The Thunder Couldn’t Hurt the Rockets Inside But the Lakers Can

By Andrew Lawlor Last night, the Rockets beat the Lakers 112–97 in Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals, behind 36 points from James Harden, 24 from Russell Westbrook, and 23 from Eric Gordon. Much was made of the stylistic differences between the teams: Houston plays small, while the Lakers are big. But the LakersContinue reading “The Thunder Couldn’t Hurt the Rockets Inside But the Lakers Can”

Isolation Scoring in the Playoffs

By Andrew Lawlor Some of the most iconic NBA playoff moments in history have come via isolation. Michael Jordan’s last shot against the Utah Jazz. Kyrie Irving’s clutch three-pointer against the Warriors. Damian Lillard’s game-winner last year over Paul George. Luka Doncic’s step back against the Clippers this year. When all the cards are down,Continue reading “Isolation Scoring in the Playoffs”

A Look Back on Jim Boylen’s Tenure with the Bulls

By Andrew Lawlor Jim Boylen is finally out as head coach of the Chicago Bulls. To be honest, I thought it was not going to happen. He has done an awful job, causing players to hate him while overseeing regression of key players and a lot of losing. But all of this was apparent lastContinue reading “A Look Back on Jim Boylen’s Tenure with the Bulls”

How has Play Differed in the Bubble?

By Andrew Lawlor The NBA has been back for a couple weeks now, and we have gotten somewhat used to seeing the bubble games. But the quality of play is slightly different from before. With the seeding games officially over and the playoffs about to begin, let’s take a look at some statistics from insideContinue reading “How has Play Differed in the Bubble?”

How the Dallas Mavericks Built the Most Efficient Offense Ever

By Andrew Lawlor The Dallas Mavericks’ 116.5 offensive rating is the highest in NBA history. Even though their defense has struggled, they will be a threat in the Western Conference playoffs on the back of their lethal offense. This season, their offensive success can be boiled down to a simple equation: Luka Dončić + three-pointContinue reading “How the Dallas Mavericks Built the Most Efficient Offense Ever”

The Raptors’ Title Defense starts on… Defense

By Andrew Lawlor After charming the hearts of NBA fans everywhere (except in the Bay Area) with their championship run, the Toronto Raptors lost Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in the offseason. They were expected to take a step back. So far, they haven’t: after winning their first two games since the restart, the RaptorsContinue reading “The Raptors’ Title Defense starts on… Defense”