Is OG Anunoby The Best Prospect On The Raptors?

By Matt Esposito Pascal who? Oh, you mean that Siakam fella? He’s good and all, but OG Anunoby is the better long-term prospect. Think this is a hot take? Let it cool for a moment. And while you do, think back to watching last season’s postseason matchup between Boston and Toronto. Who stood out toContinue reading “Is OG Anunoby The Best Prospect On The Raptors?”

What Will Jeff Teague Bring To Boston?

By Matt Esposito That’s “Former one-time All-Star” Jeff Teague, to you. Okay, Teague isn’t the player he once was when suiting up for those great Atlanta Hawks teams. You know, the team that was led by Mike Budenholzer and rostered dudes like Kyle Korver, Al Horford, Paul Millsap and even a young Dennis Schröder. InContinue reading “What Will Jeff Teague Bring To Boston?”

What Will Tristan Thompson Bring To Boston?

By Matt Esposito Kim Kardashian. Boston now has the gaze of Kim Kardashian. That’s the answer to this article’s question. No need to write any further. Celtics fan are used to having a member of the Kardashian family tree in town and yes, that is a throwback reference to Kris Humphries. Enough Tom Foolery, timeContinue reading “What Will Tristan Thompson Bring To Boston?”

Film School – How Brad Stevens Will Use Aaron Nesmith

By Matt Esposito Yes, this is the type of rapid, next-day-after response that makes it tolerable when I hyperlink my twitter handle where my name is. Did I do tons of research prior to this draft? Lol. But coffee exists and so does a desire to figure out how the latest Danny Ainge draft pickContinue reading “Film School – How Brad Stevens Will Use Aaron Nesmith”

You’re Trash For Thinking Andre Drummond Is Trash

By Matt Esposito That’s right, it doesn’t feel good when someone calls you trash, does it? Okay, I’ll drop the tough guy act and return to my meek, bookish self. Still, someone has to stand up for Andre Drummond, and as a Connecticut native and UConn cult leader, I’ll take up the mantle. There’s beenContinue reading “You’re Trash For Thinking Andre Drummond Is Trash”

Free Agency Preview – Gordon Hayward (Player Option)

By Matt Esposito And you thought that this nation was divided over politics? Well, guess what: The real division lies within Celtics Nation, where C’s faithful argue over Gordon Hayward’s future with the team. Soon enough we will know whether or not he opted into his contract; one that was scheduled to be worth $34Continue reading “Free Agency Preview – Gordon Hayward (Player Option)”

Talking Fake Trades Because Basketball Is Fun Part 2 – Westbrook Edition

By Matt Esposito “Zach, I’m gonna start up a trade idea article when we’re done with the podcast, if you wanna join in just let me know.” – Me “Idk what I would even do with Russ, send him to Barcelona.” – Zach Welp, not the most auspicious start to a blog, but at leastContinue reading “Talking Fake Trades Because Basketball Is Fun Part 2 – Westbrook Edition”

Free Agency Preview – Bobby Portis (Team Option)

By Matt Esposito This election day, after casting my vote, I needed a way to distract myself until results started to trickle in during the PM hours. Turns out, Bobby Portis was useful for something this year after all! Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh on him. If the New York Knicks decline their teamContinue reading “Free Agency Preview – Bobby Portis (Team Option)”

Three Free Agents With One Specific Skill That’ll Make Them Some Money

By Matt Esposito Can’t say I’m proud of this article title. At this point I’m basically daring Editor Nick to usurp my percentage share of the website, forcing him and Zach into an unforeseen power struggle. Hopefully, the rest of my article wins back some good favor, as I suddenly find my writing career dependingContinue reading “Three Free Agents With One Specific Skill That’ll Make Them Some Money”

Free Agency Preview – Jakob Poeltl

By Matt Esposito Nothing about the pronunciation of Jakob Poeltl’s name makes sense to me and my Americentric world; a sure sign that I could use more culture in my life. Like me, your favorite NBA team could also use more Poeltl. While the Spurs have a contractual edge on signing the 25-year-old restricted freeContinue reading “Free Agency Preview – Jakob Poeltl”