The Los Angeles Lakers Are Champions

As the only Lakers fan of the Playgrounder family, it’s only right that I express my emotions…


It is a wonderful feeling being back at the top…


I’d like to also shoutout the Miami Heat, a fantastic team full of ballers. Coach Spoelstra is a damn fine coach. Jimmy Butler showed the world why he deserves more love. It won’t be shocking if they stack up the team a little in free agency. They will be back at a high level.

Now back to my Lakers emotions…

This team is special. The chemistry was there from the very beginning and got even better as the season continued. They became brothers. When Markieff Morris, JR Smith, and Dion Waiters were added to the team, the chemistry only blossomed even further.

The coaching staff was excellent. FRANK VOGEL IS A CHAMP! Everything worked.

This season included redemption stories as well. Dwight Howard’s first stint with the Lakers in the 2012–2013 season wasn’t good. They took a gamble on him this season and signed him to a non-guaranteed contract. He ended up becoming a big part of this championship run, providing defense and scoring, and when he wasn’t playing, he was cheering and guiding the team. And now he’s a champion and fulfilled his hopes of making it up to LA.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope also showed Lakers fans that he could not only improve and live up to his contract, but become a key sharpshooter for the team.

And then there’s, of course, Playoff Rondo. Rajon Rondo wasn’t as good during the season, but completely turned it up in the playoffs and ended up with 19 points in Game 6 of the finals to help the Lakers secure the championship. He proved a lot of doubters wrong and showed the entire NBA that he can still perform at a high level. He also now has the bragging rights of being able to say he’s won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

The GOAT, Alex Caruso, had a breakout year and became an important piece of this championship run. Some people may think he’s just a meme, but he showed his worth and Lakers fans are forever grateful for his winning plays, outstanding defense and dedication to his craft.

When Kobe Bryant and his daughter passed away in a tragic helicopter crash in January, this season was dedicated to his memory. The team made Kobe and Gigi very proud. Vanessa Bryant also frequently showed her love and appreciation to the Lakers in her Instagram stories.

Now, it’s (finally) the offseason, and we wait to see what this team does. Will they look the same? Will we get some new faces? And when will Anthony Davis sign his contract? ‘Cause we all know he’s not leaving. The purple and gold will definitely be ready to do it all over again next season.

Thank you Lakers for this amazing year. Now get some rest and enjoy your bubbleless life once more—and see you next season so we can RUN IT BACK BABY!

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