Attention: Buy Troy Brown Jr Stock And Do It Now!

By Matt Esposito

Also, look into Blockchain because that’s the future. But on a more basketball related note, contact your finance guy and buy up everything Troy Brown related. The second year wing has taken a large role down in Washington and has begun to thrive.

Brown has flaws, sure. Although his 3-point shot has improved it remains streaky. He doesn’t grade out as a spectacular athlete either. Yet, Brown is a gifted passer who plays within the flow of the game and simply makes teammates better. In fact, gifted passer could actually be an understatement.

Defensively, TBJR (just made that up) may become a multipositional bulldog. With a strong frame and 6-foot-10 wingspan, Brown can guard three positions. More specifically, he often showcases his feel for the game on that end of the court by jumping lanes or racking up deflections. So, let’s dive into his sophomore effort and detail why he could explode next year.

Creating For Others

During my undergrad days at Roger Williams University I was once accused of self-plagiarism. With the coolest voice ever, imagine me saying, “I beat the case.” I’ll do some more self-plagiarizing by posting one of my tweets below.

Yeah, I use my own tweets, so what?!

What I dig so much about TB is his almost palpable feel for the game. Brown hardly forces the issue anymore. The game comes to him now and in turn easy points come to his teammates. In particular, his distributing bag is well stocked. Brown can hit teammates on the move with one-handed dishes, scoop passes, and Pat Mahomesian fastballs.

Did I just combine football and baseball to describe basketball? Damn right I did. For my next trick I’ll combine a couple of data sites. According to Cleaning The Glass, Brown’s assist to usage ratio increased far above his positional average when he was either starting or receiving minutes akin to what starters receive. The chart below will give you a visual for this trend.


Brown’s game log page on was used to determine that his ast:usg ratio rose when be handed a bigger role. In simpler terms, he becomes a more willing (and effective) facilitator when being used more. Getting him these minutes could prove tricky, however.

This season, Brown spent only 43 possessions as his teams point guard. Am I calling for him to be a full time point man? No. I am, however, asking for Washington to find more court time where he is tasked with being the primary creator. The Wizards should start Brown next season but carve out time during second units for him to adopt a distributing role.

Defensive Potential

Brown has the requisite physical profile to defender wings and forwards. He is stronger than he looks and although his footspeed won’t wow you, his IQ allows him the chance of guarding quicker players. Below are three prime examples of his defensive potential.

Here, Brown sniffs out what Chicago wants to do. Sensing a mismatch, they are trying to get the ball to the uber athletic Zach LaVine. Smartly, Brown denies the entry pass. So, the Bulls opt for a dribble handoff in order to get LaVine the rock. Brown lets this happen only to put that wingspan to good use and come away with the steal.

Next, watch him use body positioning to dictate a transition drive. Brown shades Jordan Clarkson to the corner and picks his pocket once Clarkson turns towards the hoop. One could argue that TB baited Clarkson into doing so.

Lastly, some more brilliant defense. In this instance, Brown stops the roller from getting the ball (and likely bucket) before darting back to the open man in the corner. I can’t think of a better exmple of defensive IQ.

At Rim Efficiency

Guess who has shot in the 91st and 80th percentile at the rim over the past two seasons? Troy Brown doesn’t blow anyone away with his athleticism but still finds a way to convert in the paint.

In fact, he does so in three specific ways, all delineated in the video below. First, you’ll see him display his soft touch around the rim. Next up, a crossover that doesn’t look flashy but has tons of utility. After that, a demonstration of his physicality and finally he shows some creativity during drives. Enjoy and tell a friend!

3-Point Progression

Coming out of college scouts had serious questions about Brown’s 3-point shooting ability. While his form did not look broken, it was not smooth at all. A higher shooting percentage in college would have obviated any chance of TB slipping out of the lottery.

He shot 33 percent on all triples during his rookie year, an uninspiring number but a development from his college days. Some believed that Brown simply needed reps in order to improve his jumper. Yet, the tape tells a different tale.

For example, the first two shot attempts in the video below show him hoisting from the corner. Brown’s body is twisted and it leads to some ugly misses. Those shots were from his rookie year while the following two are from this season. You can see for yourself the correction in his mechanics.

This year, Brown hit 54 percent of his corners triples, an improvement of 14 percentage points. It helped him place in the 98th percentile for corner 3s across his position. If Brown raises his above the break percentages then he could become a steal of his draft.

BONUS: What Are The Experts Saying!

Tim Harvey – (Writer) BasketballBuzz

“Troy Brown is your prototype Small Forward able to fill the statistical categories in that positions tradition, from points to rebounds and assists. Yet he can go off at any minute. This team is known for having the best backcourt in the league, not in San Francisco or Portland and a lot of focus in D.C and here in Japan is on the rise of Rui, but with Troy they have a wealth of choice at that position. One that might push Hachimura to a tweening Power Forward position and give them a forward frontcourt tandem as potentially potent as their house of guards.”

One More Thing:

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