Guest Post: Nick Andre on Jimmy Butler’s Leadership

For the Miami Heat to be up 2-0 in a playoff series early speaks volumes as to what kind of team they are. Despite their inexperience, this team comes out and competes on a nightly basis no matter who is in front of them. One guy who deserves a lot of credit for the Heat’s success is rough-rider Jimmy Butler, who has been hungry to prove something in the postseason. 

As everyone says, Butler and the Miami Heat are the perfect pair for one another. Butler has always been a player who’s expected the most out of both himself and his teammates on every team he’s been on.The Miami Heat expect the same out of him. With all the turmoil that Butler has faced due to his competitive nature, the Heat are excited to have a dog on their team once again. 

All season, Butler has been a leader in his own way. He sets the tone at practice and in games, and it has really motivated the rest of the roster to compete at the highest level. And because of that, the Heat surprised many by playing their way to a top-five seed in the Eastern Conference. With a recently put together team like Miami, it could’ve taken years of development and building chemistry before the team would ever make a serious run in postseason. But because of Butler’s impact, they are right there fighting for another championship.

The first two games of their series against the Pacers have been all Miami. They’ve really thrived on the defensive end and slowed down Indiana’s scoring, and it has resulted in efficient scoring on the other end. Butler has been a major key; he’s been active as always, and continues to do all the necessary things to lead his team through this series. When it came down to crunch time in game 1, Butler came up huge with a clutch three-pointer and a pull-up bank shot to seal the victory. Butler’s experience in the playoffs has helped him become a very dynamic player. 

It’s only been two games with a lot of this series left to go, but Butler has gotten this team off to a great start in their first-round matchup. The second round could hold a matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks, another major test. Still, Miami has found success against Milwaukee, winning two out of three matchups this season. If the team hopes to continue past the next round, they will have to continue to play their style of basketball and continue to be in attack mode going forward. Jimmy Butler has been very hungry for success in his career. With his drive and motivation to win, there’s no question that he will not allow the Miami Heat to slip up whatsoever.

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